Links worthy your attention #01


So our speakers are writing and producing a lot of content, that I feel would be a shame if you missed out on. Therefore I’ve decided to provide a short post to keep you updated as we count down towards the conference day on March 29th.

The first article is by Chris Brogan, which suggest that you “Throw Away the Maps‘ – metaphorically speaking. Here is a quote from the post: Want to feel confident? Then forgive yourself every footstep you’ve ever taken until the one still attached to the bottom of your foot and start now. Today. Day one. Focus on your next steps, not the ones you missed.

Second post is from Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent, who wrote about “How Would You Redesign the Sears Customer Experience?“. For many years, Sears enjoyed foot traffic. Its size meant availability and lots of variety. In an effort to build efficiencies and standardization into its stores, the retailer failed to harness its own sub brand strengths. Reinvention is in order, says Brand Strategy Insider. Read the whole post and get Valerias thoughts.

Third and last post is from Gini Dietrich that has put her thoughts about how “Komen Provides Excellent Crisis Management Case Study“. Here is a quote: It doesn’t matter how you feel about the entire situation. If this were a political blog, it would matter. But it’s not. So we’ll talk communication instead. What does matter on Spin Sucks is the incredible PR crisis management case study it’s providing. Click and read more of the thoughts from Gini.

… so that is the first of many posts of content from the speakers at re:think vol 02.

// Arnt