Links worthy your attention #2


So our speakers have been active again and posted a lot of interesting content for you to enjoy and get to know them a bit more before you meet them at the conference March 29th.

First off is Chris Brogan : Access is an Asset

The definition of asset I found was “A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.” Your home is sometimes thought to be an asset (though in many people’s mindsets, it’s a liability, because in this climate, it’s not guaranteed to yield more money). People think of their stock investments as assets, but if you’re holding the wrong stocks, that isn’t always true, is it? Your experience can definitely be an asset, but tell that to people who are out of work for 18 months and climbing, but who are told repeatedly that they’re “overqualified,” which is the biggest F-you that any human should ever have to endure professionally.

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Second link is from Conversation Agent : The Way You Look at Things Changes the Things You Look At

I asked for a raise of hands from those who own one and (almost) 70 of them went up. In addition to a laptop, and a smartphone. Do we need a third device? People want a great product and a great experience. Part of that experience is the way you look at things, your vision and point of view. It comes across in the functionality of your product — and in how you service it.

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Third link is from Mitch Joel : How Cloud Computing Changes Everything

If the cloud isn’t on your businesses mind, rest assured that it should be, and that it will (once again) change everything. In simplistic terms, the cloud is just another term for the Internet as a storage facility. The core technological innovation is that instead of storing a single piece of software and/or data on your own, single, fixed computer, you can now store data and run software off of the Internet – giving it freedom to be accessed by any computer of your choice and creating the ultimate backup plan.

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So that’s the links from our speakers. Read, like and share, and I’ll see you at re:think

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